Easily Transpose Guitar Chords With This
Guitar Chord Transposer

You can easily transpose guitar chords and notes with this simple transposer wheel.

Right click below, save and print the image onto card stock, or paper which is later glued onto heavier stock such as an index card or Bristol board.

Cut the discs out, then make a small hole in the center(on the x). Use a butterfly pin or other means(You could also use a pen or pencil) to attach the small disc to the front of the large disc ... just make sure they can turn freely.

To transpose music notes and guitar chords line up the key that your playing in with the key you want to transpose to.

For example, if you want to transpose a song in the key of G to the key of B, line up the G on the outside disc with the B on the small disc. The chords in the key the music is written in will be aligned with the chords in the key you want to play.

To transpose minor or 7th chords etc. just use the Major chord and add the minor or 7th. Example G7th would become B7th ... Gmin would become Bmin.

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