How to Master Self Taught Guitar

Yes you can teach yourself how to play guitar...well sort of! When people say "self taught guitar", they probably mean they didn't have a teacher.

I'm self taught, but when I was a beginner, I didn't just pick up a guitar and start playing, and neither will you. I followed instructions from some guitar lesson books. They were BORING, and I had to learn how to read music, there weren't any videos then.

Quality guitar lessons are a must!

I'd be a better player today if I had access to the multi-media guitar lessons that are available now. I know, I bought some to review, and I'm using some of them to fill gaps that I developed from being self taught, without good lessons.

  • You won't get feedback from a teacher about how you're progressing or pointing out mistakes you're making
  • It's difficult to figure some things out without seeing or hearing them
  • It's easier to develop good rhythm if you play along with a teacher
  • You might not follow lessons in order...learning a bit here and a bit there leads to holes in your playing skills which make it slower to learn advanced music ... I know, because it happened to me.

Some Benefits of Self Taught Guitar are:

  • It's less expensive than private guitar lessons
  • You won't need to keep appointments ...learn 24/7
  • You won't need to travel for lessons
  • Lessons on DVDs can be played anywhere that you have a DVD player
  • Some multi media guitar lesson have backing tracks you can play along with...they help you establish good rhythm, and prevent boredom
  • Not all teachers are'll need to find a good one.

There's free info on the internet for beginners, be careful though or you'll miss a lot of important details. Many free "lessons" are taught by people that shouldn't be teaching and you'll develop the same bad habits.

You won't succeed at self taught guitar by jumping around from lesson to lesson either, you need to follow lessons in order. You're not gonna impress anyone by playing little bits of songs, or a lick here and there.

Top notch lessons are the next best thing to having a good guitar teacher... the only thing missing is the feedback ... You can see and hear exactly what you're supposed to do in the videos, and play along with full band backing tracks to get yourself rocking.

What to Expect
Some Encouragement

Learning to play guitar takes time. You won't learn to play in a day, a week, or even a month, but, it's never been easier to teach yourself guitar than nowadays.

When you first begin learning to play guitar everything's gonna feel awkward and your fingertips will feel some pain and tenderness. This is going to happen, but will change with practice and time.

After approximately a month, holding your guitar will feel more natural and your fingertips won't be as tender, because you'll begin to develop callouses. You'll also place your fingers on the notes faster and more accurately.

As time goes on the awkwardness you felt as a beginner will disappear and things will seem almost automatic. The more you practice, the less you'll have to think about what your fingers are doing.

To summarize; here's how you can rock as a self taught guitar player:

  • Have clear goals and don't skip any steps
  • Follow quality lessons
  • Have fun
  • Practice regularly
  • Be patient and persistent
  • Did I say have fun?

Remember, it takes time to learn how to play will learn faster using a guitar teacher or following quality guitar lessons.

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