Names of Guitar Strings

What this silly sentence and the names of guitar strings diagram will teach you is essential.

When you look at all the things to learn, you might think it's impossible; it's like trying to "Eat A Dog Gone Big Elephant!"

Once you remember this silly sentence: "Eat A Dog Gone Big Elephant!", you've learned the guitar string names!

Pluck the strings, starting with the 6th string(the fattest string), one at a time while saying; "Eat A Dog Gone Big Elephant". Pluck them again, saying the first letter of each word out loud: "E-A-D-G-B-E".

Repeat until you remember, or you'll find another mnemonic below the diagram.

Names of the Strings of the Guitar

Here's another mnemonic to help you learn the names of the guitar strings. It also starts on the 6th(low E)string:

  • Eddie
  • Ate
  • Dynamite!
  • Good
  • Bye
  • Eddie!

Importance of the String Names

  • You need to know the guitar's string names as a reference point for scales and chords.
  • Knowing the guitar's string names helps you communicate with other guitar players.
  • You need to know what the string names are to use most tuners

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