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You'll find several ways of keeping the beat here, including metronome freeware, and drum machines. Thanks to all the providers of this great free software! Download as many as you like. Enjoy!

iPhone Metronome Applications ... Freeware

Although this metronome freeware will turn your iphone into a good portable metronome, the Gibson, Legacy iPhone app is well suited for guitar players.

This quality application boasts 2 tuners for guitar, an amazing guitar chord library, FREE guitar lessons, and a portal to the Gibson mobile website so you can keep updated with the latest music news and more.

This iPhone application is courtesy of two top names in the guitar industry ... Gibson, and Learn and Master Guitar(Legacy Learning Systems).

Click the link to download to free to your iPhone now!
Gibson Learn And Master Guitar iPhone App

Free Online Metronome

This metronome features a large display that tells you which beat you're on, allows you to adjust the beats per measure, and accent specific beats.

You can use it freely online, but it can't be downloaded.

Click below for the free online metronome and more:

Free Online Metronome Courtesy of Jamplay

Free Metronome Software Downloads

This Seventh String metronome was made using recordings from an actual old wooden metronome, which gives it a nice warm classic metronome sound.

You can use it online or download it here:

Click Here for the Seventh String Metronome

Here's another free downloadable metronome.

This metronome for PC or MAC uses your choice of drum sounds for the beats, and has several versatile features.

Download it free here:

Free Downloadable Metronome from

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