Learn Guitar Tablature ... Advanced
Rhythm and Symbols

This is an advanced lesson, if you haven't seen the basic lesson Click here for lesson 1.

Definitions of what the symbols mean can be found in the guitar glossary.

Read Guitar Tabs ... Rhythm

how to read rhythm on guitar tablature (tabs)

Read Guitar Tabs ...
Rests and Strumming

Symbols for rests and strumming with guitar tabs

As a beginner you only need to learn the guitar tablature symbols for notes and rests.

Learning to play guitar starts with the basics. The following diagrams are for more advanced players, or for someone who wants to learn more advanced music.

Guitar Tabs ... Advanced Symbols

Advanced guitar tab symbols, bends, slides etc.

Guitar Tabs ...
More Advanced Symbols

how to read advanced guitar tablature symbols

You'll find some useful, downloadable, free tab software that finds, plays and loops tablature here:      Free Guitar Tab Software

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