The Best Way to
Hold a Guitar Pick

It's hard to break bad habits, but easy to build good habits early. How you hold a guitar pick is one of those habits that will either slow down, or speed up your learning.

Begin by laying the pick across your finger as shown in the diagram.

Place it across your finger diagonally, with the tip of the pick slightly in front of your finger tip.

Next place your thumb across the pick at the opposite angle of your finger.

Your fingers should form a kind of x shape, with a small amount of the pick sticking out the bottom.Grip your pick firmly.

The less pick sticking past the bottom of the string when you pluck it, the better.

How to Use a Guitar Pick on Your Guitar

Most beginners slow down their guitar playing progress by using their pick wrong. A small change in how you hold the guitar pick and it's far easier to play chords and single notes.

Don't shove the pick between the strings too deeply. The less of the guitar pick that connects with the string the better.

If you stick the pick too deeply into the strings, you'll play slower, and it won't sound as good, sometimes a string will break, your guitar will go out of tune faster, and you'll drop a lot of picks.

Remember! Build good habits early on.

When you begin strumming guitar chords, try angling the tip of the pick about 45 degrees. Instead of plucking the string with the flat side of your pick, kind of skip across it with your pick on an angle. The chord is faster to play that way.

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