Do Your Guitar Tuning
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Why should you learn the skill of guitar tuning?

Because music is sound! The better your guitar sounds, the better your music sounds.

Develop Important Habits

Tuning every time you play or practice, and anytime your guitar may be out of tune, is an essential habit!

If you play guitar out of tune you won't sound good, or develop an "ear" for the right pitch.

After you gain experience at proper pitch, you may be able to tune-up by listening alone.

You'll find out a lot about tuning in this chapter, including:

Need to tune your guitar right now?
 Online Tuner and Instructions

No tuner handy, and you're out of tune? Use this method to tune without a tuner.
Tune by Comparing Strings.

Do you have intonation problems because of high string height (bad action)? Try this method, It sure helps!
How to Tune Up Using Harmonics.

Do you have tuning problems with your instrument?  It may be an issue with your guitar!

You tune up, then go out of tune real fast ... OR ... the guitar is well tuned according to the tuner, but it plays out of tune?

It's happened to me through the years. This tuning trouble shooter can help you solve those problems:
Solve Guitar Tuning Problems ... Solutions to Tuning Troubles

Would you like a free tuner? Click below to find various free tuners including iphone tuning software apps, tone generating guitar tuners, online tuners and a chromatic tuner. Plenty to choose from, and all free and legal!

Several free guitar tuners and tuning software apps to choose from; online, downloadable, chromatic etc.
A Selection of Free Guitar Tuner Downloads

/ How to Tune a Guitar