How to Play
The Basic Guitar Chords

Starting with only these 16 basic guitar chords you'll be able to play thousands of songs!

Many, many songs use just the first three of these basic open chords: (key of "G") Play tons more with each new chord you discover!

If you just want to strum to accompany yourself singing, these basic chords should do the trick.

These 16 are called open chords because they use at least one open string.

Some chords aren't played in the open position.They're called barre/bar chords, and are played using movable chord shapes, with the first finger crossing all the strings.

The open chords ring clearer and brighter than bar chords, and are easier to learn for a beginner.

If you're left handed you can open a new window for a left handed chord chart here! You can re-size it and use it alongside these lessons.

Save the left handed chord chart to your favorites until you know all 16 chords.

Follow the lessons in order. Each lesson contains it's own tips that will help you learn quickly, and have you strumming your favorite songs as soon as possible.

Bookmark this page ... it's the index page for the chord lessons, then, let's move on to the first beginner lesson: 

how to read the Basic Chord Chart

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