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You'll find several guitar tuning applications here. This "free guitar tuner" page has links to online tuners, chromatic tuners that work by listening to your guitar, iPhone guitar tuner app, and guitar tuners that emit tones.

If you need to tune your guitar online now, there's a tuner that you can use right away and instructions for tuning guitar, and how to solve guitar tuning problems.

Click here to tune your guitar online now.

Seven String Guitar Chromatic Tuner

Chromatic guitar tuner for 7 string guitars screenshot

Here's a versatile chromatic tuner you can use with seven string guitars.

Because it "listens" to your guitar you'll need a sound card. Electric guitars can be plugged into the computer (with the right plug), or use a microphone with an acoustic guitar.

"This chromatic tuner is sensitive (it can get an accurate reading from a quiet sound) and robust (when a note is being played, it is not easily distracted by extraneous sounds)".

Click below for more info, to use the tuner software online, or to download it to your desktop.

Seven String Guitar Chromatic Tuner

Download a Desktop Guitar Tuner

Free desktop guitar tuner by Geisen screenshot

Here's a nice downloadable PC or Mac desktop guitar tuner for you, courtesy of the folks at

It features a toggle switch to choose between a tone or acoustic guitar sound, and the option of repeating one note or automatically moving to the next string. This is an excellent beginner tuner.

Download the PC or MAC version here:

Gieson Guitar Tuner from

Free Guitar Tuner iphone Application

This free iPhone guitar tuner application has two tuners, one that produces a tone, and a chromatic guitar tuner that listens to your guitar.

It features a guitar chord library, metronome, guitar lessons, and the Gibson mobile website.

This iPhone application is a collaboration of two top names in the guitar industry ... Gibson and Learn and Master Guitar(Legacy Learning Systems) ... and the quality is superb.

Click Here to Download the Gibson Learn And Master Guitar iPhone App

Online Guitar Tuner

Online guitar tuner from Jamplay screenshot

Here's a nice online guitar tuner from Jamplay. This tuner sounds like an acoustic guitar and features alternate tunings. It can't be downloaded though, it would have to be Favorited.

Online Multi-Use Tuner from Jamplay

Download a Free Chromatic Guitar Tuner

Chromatic guitar tuner from AP Tuner screenshot

You can download the free guitar tuner, courtesy of the nice folks at AP Tuner, here.
Guitar Tuner Download

A hand held guitar tuner is the best way to accurately tune your guitar, because you can take it wherever you go. Unfortunately, they can't be downloaded, you'll have to buy one.

This AP chromatic guitar tuner is very accurate, but it only works with windows, and you need a sound card, and a line in or microphone.

To use the tuner select the string name on the tuner, play the open string into the microphone and adjust the string's tuning peg until the needle is perfectly lined up with the center line at the top of the tuner. Complete instructions for using the AP chromatic guitar tuner can be found on the tuner's help button.

If you don't have a microphone or line in, you can tune your guitar now using the detailed tuning instructions, and another online tuner that doesn't need a microphone.

If you've tuned your guitar accurately, but it just doesn't sound right, you may have a problem with your guitar. If you think you have a guitar tuning problem try the guitar tuning trouble shooting section, it may help solve your problem.

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