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Downloadable Guitar Crash Course Chord Software

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This "guitar chord crash course" is also available for mobile J2ME enabled devices.

The free guitar chord software displays chords and groups of chords that are printable.

This free guitar chord generator is courtesy of bincsoft. The "Guitar Chord Crash Course" features:

  • Over 1000 chords, 48 scales and 13 tunings are included.
  • Playing chords. G3C is able to play all chords it can display.
  • Left-handed option and the ability to turn the fretboard upside down.
  • Guitar tuner and editable tunings. You can make your own favorite guitar tuning and have G3C play the chords in that tuning.
  • Print support ... print the whole chord file in a list or make a list of chords and print them graphically.
  • Built in drum machine ... create and edit your own drum patterns.

G3C is free (nagware), which means that it's a full working download version with no strings attached. However, if you use this program regularly you are encouraged to register. Registration, which is considered as a donation, costs $8 USD or Euro.

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