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You will find several types of free guitar chord charts in this section.

Beginner ... 15 Most Often Used Chords

I created this beginner chord chart to show the most frequently used chords first. You can play most songs with these 15 important guitar chords. I made the charts for right handed players and I also made a left handed basic guitar chord chart.

Interactive Guitar Chord Charts

This free chord chart for guitar is the best one I've found yet.It's not downloadable though.

It's beautiful, simple, neat, multifunctional, easy to use and chock full of all the guitar chords.

The high quality chart application clearly shows the chords, the tabs for the chords, gives guitar chord tips, shows which fingers to use, and shows many variations of the chords all the way up the fretboard. You'll find plenty of chords here.

Make sure to bookmark the chord gallery, you can use it online ... it isn't downloadable.

These free chord charts can be accessed here:

Chord Charts Courtesy of Jamplay

Chordbook Guitar Chord Website

This is a cool resource for guitar chords! has a chord and scale finder that plays the notes or chords with authentic acoustic guitar sound.

Too bad it's not downloadable. You can use it here:

You'll find DOWNLOADABLE free guitar chord and scale software on this page:

Free Guitar Chord and Scale Software

Guitar on the Spot

Create a chord progression in seconds, then listen right away.

Enjoy it now, and as often as you like, in the key of G free.(to use it in other keys it is not free)

The Guitar on the Spot website has free song writing lessons too.

Click Here to Create and Listen to Chord Patterns!

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