Learn to Play the E Minor Guitar Chord

The E minor guitar chord will be very easy to learn. It's used in lots of songs along with the major chords.As you can see in the diagram, the E minor chord is simply the E chord without your first finger.

The chord diagram on the left is for right handed players, and, the diagram on the right is for left handed guitarists.

Switch between the E chord, and E minor. Next between the A minor and E minor, remember to analyze the simplest way of switching chords. In this case you simply lift your first finger off the Am, and move your second and third finger up one string in unison. Notice that you strum all six strings.

Now is a good time to switch between G, C, D, Am, and E. This combination of guitar chords are used in lots of songs in the key of G.

Also switch between A, D, E, Am, and Em, for the Key of D. After you're comfortable with the E minor chord, we'll learn the saddest guitar chord, B minor.

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