How To Buy a Beginner Guitar You'll Love
Without Going Broke

Ready to buy a beginner guitar, but you're not sure how? Maybe your upgrading ... yipee!

Buying your first guitar or upgrading to a better one are exciting shouldn't be confusing. "What kind of guitar should I buy?", "What's a good guitar for a beginner?" and "How much should I can I tell if it's a good value?" are questions you must answer before you buy a guitar, whether it's a guitar for yourself or to buy a beginner guitar for your child, or for a gift.

Choose wisely and you'll be playing quicker, easier, more enjoyably...without breaking the bank.

Not Sure if Playing Guitar is Right for You?

If you're thinking of buying the cheapest guitar you can because you aren't sure if you can learn, there is an alternative ... renting. Some guitar shops will rent guitars, and so will some teachers.

You'll get a better instrument to learn on and if you decide it just ain't your can return it.

Trying to play a piece of junk causes people to Quit!

P.S. Yes you can learn...anybody just takes practice...lots of it.

Don't Buy a Toy Guitar...Just Because it's Cheap!

Fill in the blanks: toy stores sell____, big box stores' guitars are also ____.

You shouldn't spend a lot of money for your first guitar and you can get a better guitar for the same price using this guide.

If you want to buy a beginner guitar at an auction site, be careful...there's a lot of junk there. Be sure the seller is reputable.

The Difference in Quality Changes Quickly on Cheap Guitars

For just a few dollars the differences in quality you can get by carefully shopping around are dramatic. You can find a decent beginner guitar inexpensively.

The poorest quality guitars sound dull or dead, the notes don't sustain, (they don't ring long), and sound muddled together. They're also hard on your fingers, and impossible to tune.

It's smart to save money when you buy a beginner guitar ... buying junk isn't the smart way to save.

Upgrade when you can play better to an intermediate or professional guitar and your music will improve all by itself.

Pawn shops can have good deals on used guitars, but you should have some experience with guitars, or have someone experienced with you, before you buy a used guitar.

There are super music stores online, with extreme selection ... they're a great way to compare prices, and read honest user reviews.

You can find out about the largest stores here: Online Musical Instrument Stores (opens in new window).

If you find the same guitar at a music shop and an online store, and it's less expensive online, show the shop owner a printout of the guitar and price. You might get the price lowered for you.

Good music stores may include a setup in the price which may cause the price to be a bit higher than online. A good setup has value.

Another way to save money when you buy a beginner guitar is to buy used.

If you plan on heading to a store, or, answering a newspaper ad to check out a used guitar, ask an experienced friend to go with you. There's lots to look out for, and an experienced guitar player can prevent disappointment when you buy your first guitar...careful though, your friend might be secretly hoping you'll buy their dream guitar!

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