About Me

My name is Peter Zitars. I'm a self taught guitar player and began playing guitar in 1967.

I mainly play rhythm guitar and finger pick. I enjoy all kinds of guitar music ... electric and acoustic, rock, country, classical, spanish, metal. My favorite is unplugged,(electric rock music played on acoustic guitar).

My favorite pastime is jamming with friends.

I'm a self taught guitarist, but I'm not a professional, nor, did I graduate from any guitar college. I'm writing this website for beginners ... formally educated guitar teachers are more qualified to teach advanced lessons.

After studying acoustic guitar construction, tone woods, bracing patterns, and how all the elements of a guitar work together to produce specific tones ... I built my own acoustic guitar, which you can see in the header graphic at the very top of the page. It took most of my spare time for a year and three months.

I learned quite a bit about what makes a good guitar good ...and I used that knowledge to write the "How to buy a beginner guitar" section.

I have a strong desire to help the spread of guitar playing, because, I believe this world would be a better place if more people were to create and share music.

Writing this website is a full time endeavor. My goal is to build a premier free resource for beginners by providing straight forward, relevant, and often neglected information to

  • encourage and inspire
  • prevent learning mistakes
  • guide people to resources that make learning guitar easier, faster and more fun

If you have the desire to learn to play guitar, you can. It will take time ... it gets easier ... never give up!

You will be rewarded your entire life by making music!

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