The A Minor Guitar Chord

The A minor guitar chord is represented as Am.

This chord is regularly used when you play guitar in any of the major keys. With this additional chord you raise the number of songs you can play exponentially!

It's a fairly easy basic chord to learn, even for a beginner.

Because it's a minor chord it produces a sadder or more serious sound.

Fret the notes as in the diagram, making sure to play only the five highest strings. Strum down and up. Just like before, take your fingers off and replace them to get the chord shape memorized.

Now play the E chord. Did you lift all your fingers off the fretboard, then put them back one by one? This is where the earlier lesson about analyzing gets used. Compare the two chords, then move all three fingers as a group. Keep switching between the A minor guitar chord and the E chord, until you have a good feel for moving your fingers in a group.

Next switch back and forth between A minor and C(you only have to move one finger), then, between A minor and G etc., until you make the changes smoothly.

Make sure to analyze the simplest way of doing the changes.


  • Analyze the simplest path from one chord to another.
  • Play only the strings that are supposed to be played.
  • Use as little of the tip of your pick as possible.
  • Practice your more difficult chord changes more often.
  • Try to make your playing musical and rhythmic.
  • Strum up and down, to develop smooth strumming in both directions, and a subconscious feel for which strings to play.

Let's move ahead, and learn a very easy basic guitar chord, the E minor.

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