Basic  Beginner  Guitar  Lessons
Useful  Resources

Discover basic beginner guitar lessons and useful music software and guitar tips and secrets to speed you to your guitar playing goals.

Whether you're a beginner guitar player or just curious, the lessons apply to acoustic or electric guitar.

Learning to play guitar can be a joyful experience.  It requires persistence, dedication and patience on your part, and the skill of playing guitar is something that will give you pleasure your entire life.

Have fun!

Featured Beginner Guitar Lessons and Resources

  • Learn Guitar ... Basic Lessons  A foundation in the guitar playing basics shortens your learning curve. I'll show you how to avoid some mistakes beginner guitar players make!
  • How to Buy the Perfect Guitar   An in depth guitar buyers guide reveals how to choose the guitar that suits you best. Discover how to decipher guitar advertising, what makes for a quality guitar, which guitar  ...  acoustic or electric is best for you ... knowledge pays!
  • Free Guitar Software  Quality downloadable guitar tuners, metronomes, learning games, chord and scale finders, tab software, drum machines and pattern sequencers. There's even music recording studio software! PC and Mac ... not only for beginners.
  • How to Solve Guitar Tuning Problems Your guitar just doesn't seem to tune right?  It could be a problem with your guitar.  Find some solutions for most of the basic guitar tuning problems in this section.
  • Guitar Glossary-Guitar Terminology   Definitions of the guitar terminology you're going to encounter with guitar lessons, what you may hear from other guitar players and musicians when you jam, or may encounter when you read music literature.  You won't get embarrassed in these situations.
  • Guitar Diagrams and Parts Explanations  Acoustic and electric guitar diagrams and explanations of the guitar's parts and their purposes.
  • How to Read Guitar Tabs  Guitar tablature makes reading music a piece of cake compared to standard music notation.  Use guitar tabs to play in minutes without memorizing a note! Basic guitar tab to advanced tab!
  • Guitar Tips  Pointers to learn guitar faster, care for your guitar, and more ...

Plus plenty of encouragement to help you on your way when the going gets gnarly!