Basic Guitar Lessons
Useful Resources

Sillouette of a beginner guitar player rocking outdoors

Here you'll find basic beginner guitar lessons and free learning software to help you reach your guitar playing goals sooner.

For beginners and those of you thinking about playing guitar.

Whether you play acoustic or electric guitar, the concepts are the same.

Featured Lessons and Resources

  • Learn Guitar ... Basic Lessons  A foundation in the often neglected basics shortens your learning curve. Avoid common mistakes beginner guitar players make!
  • How to Buy the Perfect Guitar for You or Someone Else  An in depth guitar buyers guide reveals how to choose the guitar that best fulfils your musical desires or your loved one's. Discover how to see through guitar advertising. Save money with knowledge!
  • Free Guitar Software  No strings attached: quality guitar tuners, metronomes, learning games, chord and scale finders, tab software, drum machines and pattern sequencers. There's even music recording studio software! PC and Mac ... not just for beginners.
  • How to Solve Guitar Tuning Problems  You know how to tune your guitar, but it just doesn't seem to tune right! It could be a problem with your guitar. You'll find solutions for most guitar tuning problems here.
  • Guitar Glossary-Guitar Terminology   Definitions of the guitar terminology you're likely to encounter with guitar lessons, the guitar, hear from other players, or read in guitar and music literature.
  • Guitar Diagrams and Parts Explanations  Acoustic and electric guitar diagrams and definitions of the guitar's parts and their purpose.
  • How to Read Guitar Tabs  Guitar tablature makes learning songs a piece of cake! Use guitar tabs to play in minutes without memorizing a note! Basic to advanced!
  • Guitar Tips  Quick pointers to help you learn quickly, care for your guitar, and more...